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Our Solution to your Problem

Your online fans are under-monetized.

Imagine you had a flexible, automated online platfom that you could easily get your fans to love and use, and would help you:

Connect and engage
with fans on your own terms 365 days a year.

Increase fans’ loyalty
and start building their identity profiles.

Run above-average performing promotional campaigns and sell high-margin digital goods worldwide.

Sconnected Start

Start is fan engagement/marketing/sales application in a form of a club-themed browser that your fans can set up as ther homepage with a few clicks. It is an official product, distributed by the club, assuring a high conversion to install.

Start connects all your web channels. It intercepts your fans at the moment they come online, providing an intensive search experience with multiple teasers to engage with your content. Increased engagement drives loyalty and provides abundance of useful user data.

Activation Possibilities

As your Start becomes fans’ gateway to the online world, you aquire a full access to one of the best communication & promotion spots on the entire web, comparable to a chest sponsor placement on your matchday equipment.

Start offers exclusive placements and tools for getting promotional messages across effectively. Its strategic position opens up premium ad space where even display advertising is performing above average.

Branded skin

Prediction league

Advertising campaigns

Guess the score

Pick a player

ABC quiz

The Dashboard

Full control over the UX, content, and communications
is assured via web-based, mobile responsive back end.

It includes key search and engagement analytics, which aids smart content optimization and creates new marketing & sales opportunities.

After each campaign or on a periodical basis key campaign statistics are summed up in a standardized report.

Simultaneously interests and engagement of users are analysed in order to offer even better advice to sponsors for each following campaign.

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